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Trust Advisory Services


We provide advice and assistance to trustees and trust beneficiaries in Austin, Central Texas, and beyond. Trust administration can be relatively complex, depending on the type of trust, the assets or property held in the trust, the distribution requirements of the trust, and the circumstances of the beneficiaries of the trust. A trust is a legal arrangement that imposes significant obligations upon the trustee (called "fiduciary duties"), which the trustee must be very careful to fulfill. A trustee can be an individual, a professional fiduciary, or a bank, trust company, or other corporate fiduciary. We have considerable experience in working both as a fiduciary and in advising trustees on issues related to trust administration as they arise. For those trustees who may need ongoing advice on setting up, managing, and administering a trust, we provide ongoing trust advisory services at a reduced hourly rate to help trustees stay on track and fulfill their fiduciary duties.

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